We’ve Come to a Standstill

Hello to all the folks who find this site and wonder why all the activity suddenly stopped!

We have suspended activity on this site and for the co-op for a few reasons:

1. It was difficult to find a free, centrally located place to meet, which became more difficult because…

2. though there were many people interested in our group, they lived in different directions and at distances that made meeting on a weekly basis more difficult.

3. Sarah is swamped with school and caring for her two nephews.  I (Shelli) also determined that I had more going on than I could handle at the time.

However, we are still here, and we get together occasionally, though not on a set schedule.  We will probably plan other outings at intervals too.  If you’re a secular homeschooler and want to meet other secular homeschoolers, feel free to contact us and ask what’s going on.  (See our e-mails in the sidebar.)

Meanwhile, I hope you’ll use this site as a reference.  There’s some cool resources listed here.

If in the future we gather together enough people to do something more formal, we may activate the site again, but until then, thanks for stopping by!  Happy Homeschooling!


P.S.  If there’s anybody out there who wants to try to get this site/co-op going again, please let us know!  With some more hands, I’m sure we could make something of it!



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Resource: Georgia Enrichment Program for Homeschoolers, Inc.

A big thanks to Jenn Casey for sending us this resource!

Georgia Enrichment Program for Homeschoolers, Inc. (GA-EPH) is located in Acworth/Cobb County.  It is a non-profit organization that has been organized by home educators to offer secular programs for all homeschoolers.  The instructors are independent contractors, so the class structure, fees and other characteristics may vary on a class-by-class basis.

This is a great program for those of you who live in in northwest Atlanta!

Check it out:  http://www.ga-eph.org/

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October Field Trip: The Georgia Aquarium

Red Clay is hosting a field trip to the GA Aquarium on Oct. 29, 2010!

Friends and other family members are more than welcome to join.  Just let me know (a) if you will attend the field trip and (b) how many people you are bringing (and their ages). If we get 25 or more people, then we’ll qualify for a group rate. I need to know who’s going by the 11th of October.

There are a lot of different options and as a group we can decide which one sounds best for all of us. The cheapest group rate tickets are $23.50 (adult) and 17.50 (age 3-12). That is just a general admission to the aquarium. The admission that includes the 3D water show would be $26.50 for adults and $19.75 (age 3-12). The tickets that include the 3D water show AND the Planet Shark: Predator or Prey is $32.50 for adults and $25.75 (3-12). The tickets that includes the behind the scenes tour is $62 (adult) and $55.75 (3-12).

So, let me know if you do (or do not) want to go, who you will be taking (children, spouse, friend, etc), and which package you want by Oct. 11th.

Posted by Sarah:   
snsple (at) yahoo (dot) com

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Reminder: This Friday is the picnic!

Don’t forget!  This Friday is the picnic at the William Harris Homestead!  Click here for details!

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IMPORTANT UPDATE: Fall 2010 Classes

Red Clay’s classes will begin this Tuesday, September 7th.

Two important changes:

We we will be meeting at Lifeboat Tutoring Center in Watkinsville.  (Click here for map.) This location will allow us to use the same facility every week for the same price!  There will be two classrooms and an activity room for preschoolers.

Also, we will be meeting from 11-2p.m.

Below are the schedules for the first day of each class.  They will alternate Tuesdays thereafter.  For more details and course descriptions, click here.  Please be prepared to pay fees on the first day of class.

Tuesday, Sept. 7:

11AM-11:30AM: Elementary/Middle School Spanish

11:30-12PM: High School Spanish

11AM-12PM: Latin

12PM-1PM: Lunch/Play (parents supply their child(ren)’s lunch)

1PM: Break dancing

1PM: Latin (high school)

Tuesday,  Sept. 14:

11AM-12PM: Kick boxing

12PM-1PM: Lunch/Play (parents supply their child(ren)’s lunch

1PM:  Film making

Preschoolers may stay the entire time or they may leave early.  The first day of class will be an informal meet and greet, and parents can discuss activities they wish to conduct for the children.

For questions or to find out how you can come join us, e-mail Sarah Stennett at snsple (at) yahoo (dot) com.

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Secular Homeschool Curriculums

Recently I asked the members on the Secular Homeschoolers of Georgia (SHOG) list to tell me if they knew of any secular curriculums for homeschoolers.  I had a great response.  Thank you to all who took the time to respond!

The following is a list of secular homeschool curriculums, offering K-12 (except where noted).  I added a few others after doing some research on the web.

Red Clay is not endorsing any of these curriculums.  We offer them as a guide to help you find a secular curriculum that is right for your family.  You can find reviews for each of these on the web.

SHOG members also had great recommendations for resources in individual subjects.  I will work on a separate post for that.  I also received enough resources on Montessori to create a separate post on that.  Please be patient.

Feel free to leave a comment with additional resources or a note about your experience with one of these curriculums.  Thank you!

Oak Meadow (Waldorf Style)


Curriculum Services


Time 4 Learning


K12 – Below are links to the K12 website as well as the Georgia Cyber Academy (GCA), which is offered free to all Georgia residents.  GCA uses the K12 curriculum.



Laurel Springs School


Calvert School  (Classical Style, Pre-K through 8th grade)


The Keystone School  (8th – 12th grade)


Shelli Bond Pabis is the Red Clay website’s administrator.  You can learn more about her on our Contributor’s Page.


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Sandy Creek Nature Center Homeschool Programs, Fall 2010

I saw this on the Athens e-mail list and thought it would appropriate to list on our site.

Once again, Sandy Creek Nature Center will offer a series of programs for homeschool students and a parent/guardian ages 5-12. This fall, we are
offering 4 programs, Fridays, September 17-Wacky Weather, October 15-Rocks Rock!, November 19-Time Traveler, December 17-Astronomica Adventures from 10am-Noon.

Students will explore interactive learning stations as they arrive. Afterwards, we will divide the group based on age (usually 4-6, 7-12 years) so one group will participate in the lesson while the others go on a hike or do another outdoor activity. After each program, we provide follow up activities that families can do at home. Families can sign up for one or all four programs. Fee is $2 ACC residents, per student, $3 Non-residents, per student. To register, call Sandy Creek Nature Center, (706) 613-3615 X0.

Click here for flier.

Click here to learn about all of Sandy Creek’s educational programs.

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