Secular Homeschool Curriculums

Recently I asked the members on the Secular Homeschoolers of Georgia (SHOG) list to tell me if they knew of any secular curriculums for homeschoolers.  I had a great response.  Thank you to all who took the time to respond!

The following is a list of secular homeschool curriculums, offering K-12 (except where noted).  I added a few others after doing some research on the web.

Red Clay is not endorsing any of these curriculums.  We offer them as a guide to help you find a secular curriculum that is right for your family.  You can find reviews for each of these on the web.

SHOG members also had great recommendations for resources in individual subjects.  I will work on a separate post for that.  I also received enough resources on Montessori to create a separate post on that.  Please be patient.

Feel free to leave a comment with additional resources or a note about your experience with one of these curriculums.  Thank you!

Oak Meadow (Waldorf Style)

Curriculum Services

Time 4 Learning

K12 – Below are links to the K12 website as well as the Georgia Cyber Academy (GCA), which is offered free to all Georgia residents.  GCA uses the K12 curriculum.

Laurel Springs School

Calvert School  (Classical Style, Pre-K through 8th grade)

The Keystone School  (8th – 12th grade)

Shelli Bond Pabis is the Red Clay website’s administrator.  You can learn more about her on our Contributor’s Page.



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3 responses to “Secular Homeschool Curriculums

  1. Hi, I’m a secular homeschooler in GA (found you through SHOG). Are you looking for inclusive groups and resources, too, or strictly secular? The reason I ask is that we participate in an inclusive homeschool co-op (I’m in Acworth), and it’s great, very welcoming of secular homeschoolers. I’d be happy to provide a link if you were interested in knowing more.

    Cool site, I’ll keep reading. 😀

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