IMPORTANT UPDATE: Fall 2010 Classes

Red Clay’s classes will begin this Tuesday, September 7th.

Two important changes:

We we will be meeting at Lifeboat Tutoring Center in Watkinsville.  (Click here for map.) This location will allow us to use the same facility every week for the same price!  There will be two classrooms and an activity room for preschoolers.

Also, we will be meeting from 11-2p.m.

Below are the schedules for the first day of each class.  They will alternate Tuesdays thereafter.  For more details and course descriptions, click here.  Please be prepared to pay fees on the first day of class.

Tuesday, Sept. 7:

11AM-11:30AM: Elementary/Middle School Spanish

11:30-12PM: High School Spanish

11AM-12PM: Latin

12PM-1PM: Lunch/Play (parents supply their child(ren)’s lunch)

1PM: Break dancing

1PM: Latin (high school)

Tuesday,  Sept. 14:

11AM-12PM: Kick boxing

12PM-1PM: Lunch/Play (parents supply their child(ren)’s lunch

1PM:  Film making

Preschoolers may stay the entire time or they may leave early.  The first day of class will be an informal meet and greet, and parents can discuss activities they wish to conduct for the children.

For questions or to find out how you can come join us, e-mail Sarah Stennett at snsple (at) yahoo (dot) com.


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