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We’ve Come to a Standstill

Hello to all the folks who find this site and wonder why all the activity suddenly stopped!

We have suspended activity on this site and for the co-op for a few reasons:

1. It was difficult to find a free, centrally located place to meet, which became more difficult because…

2. though there were many people interested in our group, they lived in different directions and at distances that made meeting on a weekly basis more difficult.

3. Sarah is swamped with school and caring for her two nephews.  I (Shelli) also determined that I had more going on than I could handle at the time.

However, we are still here, and we get together occasionally, though not on a set schedule.  We will probably plan other outings at intervals too.  If you’re a secular homeschooler and want to meet other secular homeschoolers, feel free to contact us and ask what’s going on.  (See our e-mails in the sidebar.)

Meanwhile, I hope you’ll use this site as a reference.  There’s some cool resources listed here.

If in the future we gather together enough people to do something more formal, we may activate the site again, but until then, thanks for stopping by!  Happy Homeschooling!


P.S.  If there’s anybody out there who wants to try to get this site/co-op going again, please let us know!  With some more hands, I’m sure we could make something of it!



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